50's Time Travel Movies

Relive the past again and again.


Look at some awesome movies.

50's Time Travel Movies can take you to a different era. Perhaps, a simpler epoch can bring you joy. Certainly, the 50's were a golden age. Jobs were plenty and the war was over.

People were use to the poverty of the 1930's depression and finally were able to buy cars. Also, the war of the 1940's was gone. It seemed like the gloomy days were over.

Mainframe computers in the fifties  were so enormous in size. Also, they did consume max power. Well, those days are gone.

Laptops will soon be no more. Like tablets are taking over. This is so mega max. Perhaps you think that dinosaurs are a hoax and never were. Well, T-rex does not think so. Laptops and even desktops are still common in games.

Here is a favorite of mine. It is organic annies. This mac and cheese tastes super. Just what we require.

Right now people are saving pennies. Look at DVD or blue ray prices. Streaming requires less resources. Sadly, desktops are hogs that need max power. This shows up in your electric bill as most are not that friendly to use.

Here in america we are seeing a shift toward tablets every where and away from big bulky desktops and laptops that consume mega power. Within a few years, we will see the desktop join the manual typewriter in a museum. Well, if it is not already there now.

50's were a great era.


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