Steven Gibbs Telephone Number

Dear users of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR, there are so many websites that still have ancient non working telephone numbers for the inventor so here are his new ones. Out with the old and in with out new.

He told me that the deep well on his dairy farm went dry and he had to pay $50,000 for a new one. That was just too much money. Therefore, he sold his farm and retired and lives on pension.

Nebraska is getting more dry every year. Hard to have a farm with no well, as he needed water for his cows. BTW, Steven Gibbs is very allergic to pigs. He never has any.

Remember that he sold his dairy farm in Nebraska years ago. After that he sadly moved to Lyndon, Kansas where he is now. Basically, after his appearance on MTV, inventor Steven Gibbs gets lots of phone calls so you can try his new one.

Steven Gibbs phone number is 785-219-2110


or new one


Steven Gibbs phone number

Please do NOT use Steven Gibbs ancient phone numbers






they don't work no more.


Steven Gibbs new cell phone number is 785-219-2110


Steven Gibbs address

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