nice or mean

Fellow colleagues, there are approx eight billion humans on this planet.
What does it take for all eight billion to live together in peace, harmony, and in love with one another?

Think about this for a moment. I have tried to imagine the answer to this question many times, but I know that if there were a direct answer then, the greatest philosophers, scientists, leaders, great men, and great women who have come before us must have figured it out.
And if they have figured it out, most of the wars and bad things happening in our world may have been avoidable, or donít you think so?
In all honesty, I have thought long and hard about the complex nature of our world and how this is evident in our relations with one another. Human relationships can be sweet and one moment, they can become sore. I see these things often and I often wonder why people choose to be mean to others when they can be nice. OK, so I ain't no philosopher, neither am I an amazing scientist but I think the best way to get all eight billion humans to live together in harmony and peace... is by being nice.

Being nice is actually one of the smallest things that you and I can do for one another. I tell you, it is a perfect gift that you can wrap and place in the hands of the next person to make their world better. I am sure you will agree with me, but because we are all wired differently, we often focus on our differences even more than we focus on being nice to one another.
The differences we have are gifts for us to treasure and the only way we can focus on them is by being nice to one another.
Trust me, being nice to the next person is not hard at all, and it doesnít really require much effort or cost money.
Being nice starts when you try to put yourself in the next personís shoes and you trying to think about them as you would think of yourself.
When you begin to see that the differences between you and your neighbors is only due to your experiences, you will begin to appreciate those differences rather than allow these differences cause you to be mean to them.

Here are some reasons why you should be nice instead of mean.

1. Being nice to others makes them feel good and this in turn pushes them to make others feel good too. Itís a function of oxytocin and this is why we feel nice when others do something nice for us. Oxytocin is responsible for friendships and all the warm feelings we share with each other.

2. Being nice grows exponentially so when you do something nice for one person today no matter how small, the good feelings will push you to do much more, but you have to first be committed to it in a genuine manner.

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