Girls hate nice guys

Don't let any one FOOL you. 

Certainly, some girls will pretend to like you. However, you are OK as a friend only - nothing more. Please, we should not let a harmless flirtation confuse us. MGTOW is the way. Stop wondering what if, because it is a lot more likely that tomorrow you will hit the giant super jackpot at your local casino.

Girls can be brazen with you. I have one tell me - you are OK as a friend ONLY... nothing more. Well, she has me as an enemy. Still remember her asking me for money. She could not pay her rent and was about to be kicked out into the street - needed one thousand dollars it seems.

I said. "Yo, go ask your boyfriend for money. After all, I am just a friend, or did you say enemy? I am not sure any more."

She replied. "Ah, he lost his job and don't got no money."  


Funny, he never had one. Job that is.

Mostly, he gambled her money away.

They would eventually marry. Sadly, they are divorced now.

Gentlemen, we need to wake up. Girls might hate nice guys. However, it is not your fault that you are nice. After all, you were born that way. Do you need a time machine? Maybe you can call me. The 50's had a lot of nice women.

Please call Steven Gibbs at ☎ Phone: 785-219-2110


Maybe you like to help others in your group. However, they do not see you as a friend, but as an enemy. All this you are OK as a friend is crap. I do not ask friends for money. Well, they would not stay my friend if I was a sponge.

Do not worry. Yeah, being on your own is scary. However, we all need to grow up. Train your brain to be more expressive. Just don't let them walk all over you. I use to be timid and shy, but now I am more suspicious. People, it is good to be wary. Please do keep both of your eyes open. Time is now. What we need to do is find a new way.

Colleges tell you - don't be a nice guy. That is who you are. Maybe you were born that way. Just why should you become cranky and mean. What I want is for you to prepare. For some reason... women HATE nice guys. I am not sure why this is. Perhaps, they like the bad boys who are dangerous and think nice is BORING!

I would rather have around me people who are nice. 

Please do not let women fool you. Most are not nice little angels, but devils and that is why they like evil men. All of us want to be around humans similar to us.

Often fellow workers will talk about a nice woman. They will describe her as having a heart of gold or being like an angel, but most women are like devils and they want to hurt you. Oh yes, causing pain... that is something they enjoy.

It is time to wake up.


I do not like plastic any. Yeah, it feels so FAKE as we see. Here below is the solution for us. WOODEN you like to know it is a keyboard and a mouse. Made out of wood of course.


Here is a book for you.

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