Laptops are going away

I want to say a little something to you. Sadly, many tablets are joining dinosaurs as in no more.

Look at these asian women. They laugh at a laptop from the previous era. It was very expensive. Yeah, it has a tiny hard drive and a puny processor. Also, it was not easy to use. In fact, it was not set up for mobile phone use. Mostly, it was employed to run programs. Remember good old Microsoft Word and how slow it ran. People needed a lot of memory. Glad that those bad old days are gone.


Hey, laptops were once common. OK so you find them to be rare now. Digital dinosaurs is what they are. Big, heavy, and lumbering beasts from a by gone age. Like soon you can only view em in an ominous museum. They are quite bulky and expensive. Most women prefer to put a net book into their purse. Those smaller devices cost less money. Also, they are not as heavy or large in size.

A few women want to get a tablet, especially if they are poor. Still, typing on a touch screen is an annoying pain. I prefer to use a regular keyboard and do not like to feel or see a greasy screen.

Most people are using blue tooth devices to connect a membrane keyboard to the screen - even so we miss computer power. Tablets are slow and then some more.

Laptops will soon be no more. Perhaps you think that dinosaurs are a hoax and never were. Well, T-rex does not think so. Laptops and even desktops are still common in games.


Economists see that people are saving pennies. Laptops require an expensive os. Also, look at software prices. Please do compare inexpensive apps or expensive programs. The tablets require less resources. Sadly, desktops are hogs that need max power. This shows up in your electric bill as most are not that friendly to use.

Here in america we are seeing a shift toward tablets every where and away from big bulky desktops and laptops that consume mega power. Within a few years, we will see the desktop join the manual typewriter in a museum. Well, if it is not already there now.

Digital dinosaur laptops, like there was not one trace of them anywhere...



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