Hall of zeros

Lance Pharmstrong - What am I on? I'm on my bike, that's what I'm on.

oscar PISTOLorious - I am the bullet in the chamber of a gun.

Defeat rose - Cincinnati Reds winning? I wouldn't bet on it!

Oh yes, there are many more. Please join us...

David Moncoutiť finished 21min 8sec behind Lance Armstrong in the 2002 Tour de France and he was well known for riding clean his entire career. David should have won. That said, the lying sneak arm strong won. Basically, is was more than just taking EPO, and steroids, and blood transfusions, etc. Lance Pharmstrong flat out lied and was suing officials from the USA anti-doping agency.

The teacher always told me. "HAY is what horses eat, so don't um HAY me. Well, here is some for you.

hay bale grass

OK so here is the - Hall of zeros.

We can add people that you suggest.

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