Dinosaurs are Milli Vanilli of science

Hey, ever listen to Milli Vanilli? Those were songs they never sung. In fact, they were experts at doing a lip sync.

Look at science. They say were went to the moon. That is not so. Also, that we evolve from apes. Another lie thrown at you. They are like the father of lies and Satan is his name.

What if I told you... most dinosaurs are a hoax  and do not belong in a museum. Scientists find a tooth a build a body around it. However, the reptile never was. Milli Vanilli was a big hit until the truth came out and then it was all over. People never got back their money.

Like it was great for record companies. Most of those companies are now gone. After that people started downloading music. Well, there use to be a record store on every corner. Hey, not any more. Like they never did recover. People blame the internet, but I blame record companies.

Scientists rarely admit that so few dinosaur bones are found that you could put them all in a room. Milli Vanilli looked real in their videos and mini movies. Funny, ask a record exec. They will change the conversation. After all, they did profit from fakes and do not even care.

Hey, Milli Vanilli should sing opera. After all, they have no talent as in zero. All they do is copy.

Dinosaurs, like there was not one trace of them anywhere...



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