Dinosaurs are fakes - yes!

I want to share something with you. Sadly, many of the things you have been told are lies and never were.

What if I told you... most dinosaurs are a hoax  and do not belong in a museum. Scientists find a tooth a build a body around it. However, the reptile never was. Basically, it is a way for museums to con you. This is a way to make some money. Most of those bones are fiber glass and not the real deal as we say. P.T. Barnum said that a sucker is born every minute and if you believe in the old bones that is what you are. Scientists find a round rock and claim it is an egg.  However, that is not what the teacher told you in science. All those pictures in the science book are a vaporous mirage. Dinosaurs are as real as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, or an eerie unicorn.

Scientists rarely admit that so few bones are found that you could put them all in a room. They prefer to say: I am very busy right now - excuse me. They will not confront you. Instead, they will run away. Dragons were real, but there was no dino age. Most dragons lived in the sea. That is how they were able to grow. Why is it that insects do not grow anymore. Like they reach a certain size. Physical limits are real, and that is why we do not have towering creatures roaming. Please wake up. Godzilla is a movie.

Here in america there is an intellectual war. It is religion versus science. Except science was built on a house of cards long ago. People refuse to do their own research, they just want to believe what ever lies Satan tells em. That is because their evil hearts are full of sin. Oh yes, the truth is not in them and never was. The so called dinosaurs never were. Please think about this one. Did Julius Caesar have a knowledge of the Brontosaurus? Did King Solomon have a T-rex in his throne room. Before the 1800's there no records of the ancient lizards that never were. In fact, dinosaurs came about around the same time as Darwin and EVILution and other false hoods that are common now. Dinosaurs are the Milli Vanilli of science.

Ancient Greeks spoke about a great flood, but nothing about dinosaurs - not even a peep. Learn the truth right away. Read your bible now.

Dinosaurs, like there was not one trace of them anywhere...



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