I want to defend not de-fund cops. Hey, that is my opinion.

Biden is under a lot of pressure to defund the police now. Oh yes, a lot of pressure. Sadly, he might not have to give in. Expect things to change a lot in coming years. Like wow, big changes are near.

Let me be honest with you. This is most certainly a strange universe we are in. I believe that the police protect us. Maybe, people who hate law enforcement are involved in serious crimes. God say - do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Being nice starts when you try to put yourself in the next personís shoes and you trying to think about them as you would think of you own pain. When you begin to see that the differences between you and your neighbors is only due to your experiences, you will begin to appreciate those differences rather than allow these differences cause you to be more mean.

Please be nice instead of mean.

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