CO2 is increasing

What can we say

Expect to see some warmer summers. 2020 was hot and dry for most of america. What is the reason. CO2 is increasing. This is a powerful greenhouse gas. People need to use less energy. Sadly, we are using more. Also, we must cut our dependence on fossil fuels and go green. That way we can be able to survive.

In fact, it is making our planet more warm. What can we do? Let us build wind mills and set them up. Burn less coal and fossil fuels as we adapt to using less and doing more. Perhaps we can turn to electric cars. Wish they would increase our range. That would be so max. 



Actually, some of my friends are a bit nutty.


I have never been able to figure out this mystery about super man. Why does he wear... like his red underwear on the outside? Strange fellow to be sure.

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